In House training

Training & Service

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Basic Barista Classes

  • Organising the work station
  • Dose, tamp, extract espresso
  • Texturizing the milk, making the assorted styles of coffees
  • The correct way to understand how to make a coffee step-by-step
  • Plenty of practice time
  • Cleaning the machine

Take home version of everything learnt upon request

  • Certificate of completion produced if requested

Advanced Barista Classes

  • Covering the story of the bean – from crop to cup
  • Development of coffee
  • Technical aspects of the coffee machine and grinder and how to care for
  • Close attention to the grinder
  • Practice on coffee making
  • Upskilling on coffee
  • Certificate of completion produced if requested

Latte Art

  • Basic principles of latte art
  • Heart
  • Layered heart
  • 3 layered tulip
  • 3+ layered tulip
  • Rosetta
  • Dragging of the milk
  • Swan
  • Advanced milk pouring
  • Personalised per student